I Just Came Here to Dance by Susan Mary Malone


I love Malone’s writing style and the way her prose reaches deep inside you. She has a unique voice and it comes across on the page perfectly. The characters, from our beleaguered heroine, Paula Anne to the mysterious supposed witch Diana, are all brought to vivid life in the story. The storyline itself is compelling […]

My Highland Bride by Maeve Greyson


Kenna Sinclair is a time runner like the other women in her family for generations past. When Kenna’s grandmother calls her back to thirteenth century Scotland, Kenna is reluctant to leave her 21st century comforts behind. Too bad. Kenna must arrive within the week. Granny assigns Colum, the sex mountain Highlander to be Kenna’s guard. […]

Happily Ever After High School by Savannah Ostler


This story was fun and enjoyable, if a bit simplistic for adults; however, I think it would make great middle-grade trading and is perfect for tweens. The storyline is simple, there are places in the world where fairy tales, and all they encompass really exist. Finding that place and this story is the perfect summer […]

Bite by Nick Louth


I loved this book. It is an intricate, tightly woven masterpiece that leaves you breathlessly swept up in the story, unable to put the book down. I only put the book down long enough to sleep and even that was done reluctantly. The style of the writing, flipping between the present, and the past – […]