April 21st – Featured Book of the Week, The Healer’s Legacy by Sharon Skinner


Sharon Skinner Author of the YA/Crossover Fantasy, The Healer’s Legacy Book synopsis/description:   Orphaned by war, haunted by unknown origins, and chased by a warlord and his army of brutal soldiers. KIRA is a young woman on the run from her abusive mate Toril, the hero turned warlord, who led the country’s forces to victory […]

Blog Tour – Book Review – Comfort of Fences by Stacy Morrison


The Blurb: Ruth is dying and her 52 year old daughter Denise has never paid a bill, lived on her own, or had a romantic relationship. Ruth knows she has been overprotective, but hoped that she would outlive her special-needs daughter. Metastasized cancer crushes that hope and forces Ruth to find a way to provide […]

Bringing Writing, and Writers, into Our Classrooms by Benjamin Dancer

Benjamin Dancer

Bringing Writing, and Writers, into Our Classrooms By Benjamin Dancer I teach writing to high school students. But I don’t see myself as a high school teacher. My job, as I see it, is to mentor young people as they come age. I’m an Advisor at Jefferson County Open School in Lakewood, Colorado. I’m the […]

Featured Book of the Week “My Soul to Keep” by Gracie Lea Silverwood

My Soul to Keep

Book synopsis/description:   Most little girls dream of tea parties and playing with dolls. Their biggest worry is making sure mommy or daddy chase the monsters out of their closets and out from under their bed. However what happens when your own mother is the monster, instead of the arms of love and safety? “My […]

Book Review – His Alien Virgin by Jessica Subject


  AS PROMISED HERE IS THE REVIEW OF THIS EXCITING TITLE Book Review: This Sci-Fi romance by Jessica Subject knocked it out of the ballpark. When I hit the last page, all I wanted was more. More of the romance, more of the love and more of the stories of everyone else involved in this […]