Blog Tour – Book Review – The Fifth Hour by Angie West

The Fifth Hour

The Blurb: Broken Dreams… After receiving the bad news about their foundation, the Scotts’ decide it makes more sense to tear down and rebuild. It is then that the activity starts. Things that would challenge everything they believe in and test the family’s resolve in ways they hadn’t counted on. Broken Promises… Enter Chris and […]

Where Petals Fall by Melissa Foster


  Where Petals Fall by Melissa Foster Available on Amazon $2.99 Kindle edition or $15.99 print edition  ASIN: B00GPVZT0O From the outside Junie’s life looks almost perfect. She has a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and is the proud owner of her own bakery. The reality though is rough. Her once perky and full of life […]

Book Review: Choke – An imogene Duckworthy Mystery By Kaye George


                                                 Priced at $14.95 – Barnes &Noble                              $10.79 on Amazon. Choke By Kaye George ISBN 13: 978-1477571507 (prices noted above);  Kindle ASIN B0052BDE4Q, $3.99 Debut novel of author Kaye George! Her diverse background working as a janitor in a tractor factory, a mental health center secretary, a bookkeeper, a short order cook and a […]

White Lilies by R.C. Bridgestock

White Lilies by R.C. Bridgestock Available for Kindle ASIN B00C08TFEW $2.99 Once again, the writing team of R.C. Bridgestock has delivered a true to life British Crime Novel. We again are treated to the inside glimpse of Detective Inspector Dylan’s life as he rushes head on into a series of horrific crimes while trying to maintain […]

Coastal Access by Walter Ramsey


Coastal Access by Walter Ramsey Available on as an ebook, ASIN B008H5IJIU  , for $1.99 or paperback, ISBN-10 0983440743, for $9.99. Available from Barnes and Noble ISBN-13: 9780983440741 as an ebook for $2.49 or paperback for $9.99. Thugs, reporters, long-lost relatives, a bit of romance, and of course- a mystery- Coastal Access by Walter Ramsey has it […]