Holiday Giveaway Week One: A Copy of Spring into Summer by Eden Baylee

Winter cold got you feeling a little blue? Don’t worry, author Eden Baylee, offers to chase those blues away for one lucky commenter with a Kindle copy of her hot new release Spring into Summer.


An Inspiring Season

I’d like to thank Tracy for this opportunity to be a guest blogger on her site. It’s an honor to be here to tell you about my favorite season, and how it inspires me in my writing life.

I’m fortunate to live in Canada where we have four distinct seasons. In my latest release, Spring into Summer, there are four stories—two take place in the spring and two in the summer.

Now that it’s November, the warmer seasons seem far away, with cold months ahead after a scorching summer. I’m bracing myself for winter to rear its ugly head. There is talk of major snowfall and record-breaking cold weather. I’m already wearing my wool hat whenever I go out because I hate having my head cold.

It is interesting which season is considered the most inspiring, erotic, or romantic. I’ve asked many readers this very question over the past couple of months, and opinions vary.

Here is my take on the different seasons, and the one that is ultimately my favorite.

Autumn is very pretty with the changing colors of the leaves. It’s a time of contemplation and getting back to a more serious routine. Kids go back to school. There’s no more patio dining and people are dressed more conservatively to keep warm.

Winter is just cold. Snow is wonderful if you love winter sports such as skiing or skating, but it’s exhausting to put on three layers of clothes, boots, hat, and scarf before venturing outside. I’m very much a hermit during the winter months and I do appreciate the snow—albeit from the inside my house.

Spring is the season for optimism and warmth fills the air. Though it can be rainy, it’s also a time of rebirth and growth, and I don’t mind the rain to have fresh blooms and a sea of green in the parks again.

Summer, ah, summer. I’m a lover of the heat. Some people find the hot air and humidity stifling, but not me. The hotter it is, the more energized I feel. It’s no big surprise summer is my favorite time of year. Everything about it for me is romantic and inspires creativity—from sitting outside for dinner to a stroll in the park to having an ice cream on the porch.

So, for everyone who loves the heat but must weather the cold until spring … hang in there. In the meantime, I hope the stories in my book keep you warm.





Eden Baylee writes literary erotica and erotic romance. Her stories are both sensual and sexual, incorporating some of her favorite things such as travel, culture, and a deep curiosity for what turns people on. Spring into Summer is her second collection of erotic novellas and the companion piece to her first book, Fall into Winter.




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About the book

In Spring into Summer, a collection of emotionally-charged erotic novellas, four women explore their sexual limits, marked by love, lust, and loss.


Life for Claire Pelletier is changed forever when she meets a professor who teaches her a most important lesson in “A Season for Everything.”

Evelyn Sutton goes in search of a man in “Unlocking the Mystery” and discovers the key to her own heart.

With an open mind, Ava Connors attends a party but wonders if reality can ever live up to her hottest fantasies in “Summer Solstice.”

In “The Lottery,” Sierra Zhao sacrifices herself to numerous men to help a friend, fully aware of the consequences.

With locations in London, Dublin, Cape Cod, and Bangkok, these four women will seek pleasure to alter their lives and push their sexual boundaries.


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  1. eden baylee says:

    Tracy, thanks for hosting my post. This is very generous of you and I’m thrilled to give away a copy to one of your readers,

  2. John Dolan says:

    Femmes Gentiles,
    Each season brings its own weighing-scales of gain and loss, of bitter sweetness and sweet bitterness. Relationships form and reform, and only unfulfilled desire remains the constant. Extreme cold and extreme heat both inflict severe delight and damage, while the mid-range emotions barely keep the blood circulating.
    Happy inspirations!
    May the road always rise to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back and may the well-springs of your emotion never run dry.

    • Tracy Riva says:

      Hi John,

      So nice of you to stop by. You are so right, in winter nothing is better than snuggling under the blankets with someone special and in summer it is great to throw the sheets in a rumpled mess to the floor, but spring and fall bring their own rewards.

    • eden baylee says:

      Mr. Lovely Dolan, thank you for your poetic comment and wise words of inspiration,


      • John Dolan says:

        Both of you ladies are most welcome.

        This is the first time I have ever seen the words “Dolan” and “wise” in the same sentence. Surely some mistake? :-)

        I have just started reading Eden’s HOT FLASH, by the way, and I’m loving it!

  3. William Kendall says:

    Admittedly, Eden, I am a fan of the winter. The snow, the cold, the wind so harsh that it’s like a knife in the throat… it’s just lovely.

    I know, I know… very silly of me, huh?

    • Tracy Riva says:


      All those things are the qualities of winter that make me want to stay snuggled under the blankets. I love the snow, in moderation. I can handle the cold, but that wind, especially the wind wherever you are wintering, makes me glad I am where the weather is more moderate. Winter lasts about ten weeks and summers far too long. Sometimes I miss the North, but it is definitely the snow I miss and not the wind or bitter, bone-chilling cold.

    • eden baylee says:

      Thanks William for commenting, and I’m not sure a knife to the throat would ever be lovely for me ;) I hope you stay warm against the cold, sweet man.

  4. Okay, I’m in. Thanks. Um, I know someone who would love to read the book. ;)

  5. Sam Rouge says:

    Hello, I’ve recently become aware of your work through the Twitterverse and am certainly intrigued. As for the seasons, I’ve come across this lovely quote by the late French writer Anatole France:

    “Make love now, by night and by day, in winter and in summer… You are in the world for that and the rest of life is nothing but vanity, illusion, waste. There is only one science, love, only one riches, love, only one policy, love. To make love is all the law, and the prophets.”

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