Spring into Summer by Eden Baylee


Spring into Summer

by Eden Baylee

paperback ISBN 13: 978-1478257677,$12.99, Kindle ASIN B008IJ4BNM, $4.99

Refreshing is the word that comes to mind when describing Eden Baylee’s erotica collection Spring into Summer. It made me believe in hot, sexy love all over again. I found Eden reached deep within herself while writing her short stories and touched her feminine heart and just poured it out on the page. I felt the intoxication of the characters, laughed with them, cried with them, heard the poetry of the Romantics whispered in my waiting ear and felt a yearning that went beyond the merely physical and touched a soul that was filled with more than just lust.

While Baylee’s writing is absolutely everything that erotica should be hot, intense, passionate, it is so much more. Her depictions of her characters are so well done you can picture the shiver of anticipation that races through a woman’s core, hear the deep tones of impassioned speech, picture the sweat on the entwined bodies, feel the struggle to believe in love. To hope that what you see, hear and feel is real and to discover you have a power you never dreamed you possess.

Baylee’s male characters are all strong leading characters in their own right, but it is in the depiction of her female characters that she excels. They are not wimpy, needy, clinging women, but strong, passionate and possessed with a sense of their own power. They are feminine, with all of the wonderful traits that term truly engenders, and she paints accurately, the full spectrum of behavior from women who know what they want and who don’t feel threatened in going after it.

I enjoy good erotica, but Baylee’s tales are so much more than simply good erotica. They are stunning slices of humanity laid bare at their most vulnerable moments and shared with her readers. I cannot recommend Spring into Summer, or Baylee’s talent highly enough.

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  1. eden baylee says:

    Tracy, words can hardly express how thrilled I am by your words.

    My sincere gratitude for reading and for your incredibly generous and thoughtful review of Spring into Summer.


  2. William Kendall says:

    Splendid review, Tracy!

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