The Other Slipper, by Kenechi Udogu

The Other Slipper_cover

Kindle ASIN: B005Q9ZXUC    $1.75 This is a light and fun spin-off on the classic Cinderella story told from the point of view of Jo, a palace servant.  After she finds Ella’s other glass slipper under the enchanted pumpkin, its incessant humming drives Jo to reunite the slipper with its mate.  This is how Jo meets […]

The Night of Many Lights by C.R. Lindemer, Illustrated by Laura Redmond

The Night of Many Lights

The Night of Many Lights By C.R. Lindemer Published by Shapato Publishing, Everly, Iowa ISBN 978-0-9833526-5-5 $12.95 The Night of Many Lights by C.R. Lindemer is a wonderful tale of a weather vane come to life for a single night and the adventures he and four of his friends have. I really enjoyed the story […]